Blitzkrieg Gaming prides itself on being one of the only non-profit clans out there that continuously supplies members with premium features. We love to host activities with prizes and giveaways. We love to be able to bring in new and dedicated members to the clan through advertising and recruitment efforts. We love offering a technologically advanced website using the latest software and developer modifications. And more importantly, we love giving back to you guys and saying thanks for making this clan incredible. 
In order to do this these, we need money. Nothing in the world is free, and gaming is a rather expensive hobby. We rely advertisement revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales and donations from members. Advertising only gets us so far. Sponsors are becoming fewer and farther between. Merchandise has a costly overhead. But member donations have always been a surefire way to keep this clan alive. ¬
For those of you that do not know, this clan offers a premium donation program. What this means is, members that can spare $5 a month can become premium members. There are many benefits to this, but I’ll just post a link for you guys to read up on it later.
If you cannot afford a monthly subscription, a one-time donation is¬ just as valuable to us. Every dollar contributed to the clan brings us one step closer to meeting the demands we have put on ourselves. ¬¬If every member donated a few bucks, we would instantly meet our overhead costs and could focus on using our profit for all those things BZK members love. 
In an effort to better this clan and give it the jumpstart it truly needs, I took it upon myself to donate nearly $400 to the clan. Some people might say that’s a lot and others might think it is very small. But regardless, we calculated this number based off of our needs. I wanted to make sure our overhead was covered and still be able to give a little back. Each Officer is in charge of a specific area of the clan. These areas include recruitment, activities, website, and competition. We discussed our needs and demands and determined that each area of the clan deserves its own budget. So we divided my donation among these areas and we are calling it our budget. We plan on doing quarterly budgets Q1(Jan-Mar), Q2 (Apr-Jun), Q3 (July-Sept), Q4 (Oct-Dec). 
The money contributed to the clan is sent to clan account. Each administrator has access to this account and money is dispersed as expenditures are approved. We log each expense and plan on releasing this expense log each quarter along with new quarterly budgets. The remainder of 2016 is going to be our Q4 budget. Starting January 2017, we will release new budget reports. We want all members to know exactly where their money is going. Below you will find a graph with the current Q4 budget breakdown. Many of these categories have already earmarked specific expenses. We don’t want to release those yet as many of them are surprises for our members.
I am personally unable to keep up the fiscal burden of this clan on my own. I contributed the amount I did this quarter in an attempt to give this clan the jumpstart is so desperately needs. So starting next quarter, I anticipate that the budget will be considerably smaller. So now, donations are needed more than ever. Please consider a donation to help this clan grow and prosper. If at any time, you have a question regarding our budget, donations, or clan expenses, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you everyone for being a loyal and dedicated member of Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan.

I never thought I'd see the day he joined. But Congratulations to Jon for passing his FNG phase. I know post counts aren't hard at all for you to achieve and I finally have a run for my money. But this is still a big accomplishment in the eyes of BZK. I hope to see you keep up the great work and I am positive this is the beginning of a great clanship with you. 
Congratulations to Tennisfan for passing his FNG phase! He has completed his post quota and proven to be an active member. He has been promoted to full Member. 
Tennisfan, congratulation she on your promotion. I hope you continue to be active in game and on the website. I cannot wait to see the future you have in this clan. Keep up the great work brother. 
It is that time of the year again everyone! Time to get a new clan video posted before Black OPs III end of life. 
This year we are doing this slightly different. But without going into too much detail, we need clips. We need a lot of clips. At this point, we don't need anything spectacular. I would like to get everyone featured this year if possible. So please bookmark you games. When you have some clips saved up, let us know by posting here or contacting one of the Officers. We will go around and gather everyone's clips and start working on the video. 
To assure we complete this project in time, I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could have their clips by September 30. If you want to be featured, now is your chance. Your help is greatly appreciated as this video is not only a fun little project for us, but a great recruitment tool for the clan as a whole. And if nothing else, you can show off your skill level a bit before we all dive into the new games coming out early November. 
For those members that are looking at helping the clan recruit new members, THANK YOU! 
If you are looking at recruiting for the clan on a regular basis and ranking up in the clan at the same time, now is your chance. But for some, you might just be wanting to help out a little bit here and there without the responsibility. No matter what, it helps. Recruitment is the life line of the clan. Without recruitment, we have no members. Without members, we have no clan. So any amount of recruitment you can do will help immensely. 
The first thing to realize is that there are two different types of recruiting. Website recruiting and in game recruiting. For most of you, in game recruiting will be the easiest. However, website recruiting returns the most hits. Either way, here is a little guide for those of you wanting to help out a little bit. 
A) In game recruiting
-Find a member in game that seems like their personality will be a good fit for Blitzkrieg and/or their skill level is impressive enough to catch your attention. 
-If possible, start talking to that person and build a rapport with them. If you can be something more than some random stranger, you already have a leg up. 
-Send them a message on PSN telling them to check out Blitzkrieg. Be nice and courteous. I have found that being casual about it can be very useful. If you want, you can use the template listed below as your message to send them. This has been specially designed by our recruitment team to get all the important information to them in a direct but non-invasive manner. It is an image so it is easy to send out at any time and looks professional and legit. 
A special thank you to Chris for making that and putting it to good use. 
-Do not be invasive or annoying about it. If they want to join, they will. If they don't want to join, they won't. 
B) Website recruiting
-Go to any of the links below. We already have recruitment topics on those websites. The trick to this is to keep our topic high on their listing view. In order to do this, we need to "bump" it. Bumping is basically posting in the topic to get it to move up to the highest spot on the list view. That way, when people are browsing that forum, the first recruitment topic they see will be from us. If we are the first they see and they like it, they will most likely choose us. 
-Post on one of those topics (you will have to make an account on that website) to bump it. Post something substantial. If you post spam or useless stuff on there you will get our topic locked and possibly our accounts banned from the website. In the past, many members have simply posted a quick review of the clan and their experience since joining. If people see other members posting on there they know we are active and legit. If the message you guys are sending out there is positive, it makes new people want to join. So just post what you like about Blitzkrieg!
-Browse around those sites a little bit (and any other websites you find) and if you see anyone looking for a clan send them a message. If they list their PSN username, use the in game recruiting step and send them a message on PSN. However, if they have a topic or a post about it on a website, you can still post a reply there too. That is great because other people will see that too, not just that one person. Use the template below to reply to recruitment topics. 
C) Top100
This technically falls under website recruiting, but this is the single best thing you can do to help the clan out. It is the easiest for all of you, and gets us the biggest return of new applicants. If you are going to do anything, this is it! Top100 clans is a website where you submit your clan on their website and post a link to your voting page on your website. Throughout the website, you will see these little brown/gold/black/yellow buttons that say top100. Click that button and it will take you to a voting page. Simply by clicking the "I'm not a robot" box and hitting vote will give us a vote. All the votes we get add up and we get ranked based off of how many votes we get. The more votes we get, the higher we get ranked. This is the first website that comes up in most google searches and will yield so many recruits you won't even believe it. This is so valuable to our clan that I can not stress enough how important it is to vote. You can vote once a day, every single day. It takes 10 seconds a day. So please vote for us every day. The votes add up every month. The website checks IP addresses so you can only vote once. However, if you have cell phones, work computers, ect. you can vote more than once a day. Just visit our site from all those devices and click the button and vote for us. You'd be amazed at how useful it can be...and easy!
That's it folks! That is all it takes to help this clan grow larger. It seems like a lot of work, but if every member did just a little bit, we would see a huge difference. If nothing else, please vote!!!!! Any help you give us is significant. I cannot thank you guys enough for your continued support of this clan and your help with important things like recruitment. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Blitzkrieg Gaming is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.