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    Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan has always prided itself on being a highly organized and skilled clan. But our first priority has always been to have fun. To ensure that all members of Blitzkrieg have an equally enjoyable time in the clan, we have established a set of rules and guidelines that all members are obligated to follow. Let these serve as the official Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan bylaws. Any member that violates these bylaws will be subjected to a range of imposed sanctions including and up to termination of membership from the clan.


    1. All members shall successfully pass the FNG and FTO process prior to being granted membership unless otherwise dictated by the administration. This program requires all new members to submit 20 posts on the forums and have a positive evaluation with a recommendation for full membership from their assigned FTO.


    2. All members shall treat other members with dignity and respect at all times. Members shall not exclude, belittle, slander, or otherwise negatively impact other members. Members shall not form cliques or individual social groups within the clan that reflect negatively on the clan or members. If a member develops negative relations with another member, the administration must be notified and proper action will be taken. Members have the opportunity to report abuse within the clan to any administrative member and retain their anonymity during the administrative investigation. 


    3. All members shall adhere to the activity audit tri-monthly. This requires all members to submit 15 substantial posts on the forums every three months or complete 15 hours of in-game activity with the clan in three months. The clan’s Line Inspector will be in charge of conducting audits and must be able to verify that 15 posts or 15 hours of gameplay were successfully completed. Any member that fails to meet this requirement during a three month time period will be issued a system warning. Subsequent offenses will result in termination of membership.


    4. All members shall represent the official clan tag [BzK] or Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan name when representing the clan in game or on other duties where such representation is appropriate. Members shall not utilize the official clan tag where it is not authorized. Approval must be granted by the clan administration prior to representing the clan in any non-traditional capacity.


    5. All members shall remain a loyal and active member of Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan and shall not join any other clan without approval from clan administration. It is acceptable for a member to join a clan on a different console or different game that Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan does not support at the time. However, if Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan adopts support for that game or that console in the future, the member is required to release membership from other clans and solely represent Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan.  As well, members are required to acknowledge that Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan is their sole clan of choice and ensure that other affiliations do not impede their allegiance to Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. Members that violate this bylaw will be asked to release membership or affiliation with other organizations or have their membership terminated.


    6. Members shall not compromise the security or progression of the clan any capacity within their power and will. Members shall contribute to the clan to ensure progression, growth, and development of Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. Members that violate this rule will be subjected to administrative review and may have their membership terminated.


    7. Officers shall be the moderating members of the clan and ensure that all executive orders and directives are carried out. Officers will carry various ranks and titles and must voluntarily submit to promotional examination and administrative review. They shall be appointed by the administrative body of the clan.


    8. Administrators will serve as the sole executives of the clan and represent the clan as leaders, owners, and proprietors. Administrators must have previously served as Officers and be appointed by the administration. All members may invoke an impeachment of an administrator or request withdrawal of appointment by a clan vote of 2 out of three.


    9. Members shall remain professional and courteous at all times while in game and using the website. Members shall make complete and well-thought posts on the forum and will not act in an undesirable manner at any time. When representing the clan outside of the game or website, members shall remain just as professional and courteous. If a member is asked a question or requested to do something, members shall seek the the approval and guidance of the administration.


    10. Members shall adhere to and abide by all rules, regulations, policies, procedures, practices, traditions, and rulings set forth by the administration and their designees. If a member is given an order by a superior they are required to follow the directive. Ignorance of the bylaws or designations is not an excuse.


    Possible punishments under these bylaws

    1. Verbal warning.

    2. System warning.

    3. Temporary ban.

    4. Permanent ban and termination of membership.

    5. Probationary status.

    6. Demotion.

    7. Any other suitable action deemed fit by the administration or their designees.

    Be advised that these bylaws serve as the sole governing policies of the clan and are subject to review and interpretation by the administration. These bylaws are subject to change at any time without notice or warning.