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  2. Welcome to Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan and thank you for posting an application. We have reviewed your information and you meet our basic requirements. The next step is to pass a tryout. We want to ensure that all our members are on a basic skill level and have a personality that will fit with the rest of the members. A Tryout coordinator will add you soon, When you accept their request, please send them a PSN message telling them you are ready for your tryout. We have a large flow of applicants so please forgive us if we do not get to it right away. The details of the tryout can be found by CLICKING HERE. At the end of your tryout, the Tryout Coordinator will score you and reply here with your final score. If you meet the score requirement you will be accepted as a member of Blitzkrieg. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here, message one of the Tryout Coordinators on PSN, or email us a Thank you for your interest in Blitzkrieg. We look forward to meeting you and seeing what you can do!
  3. Country: United States Age: 23 First Name: Logan PSN: x_ForsakenGod_x Previous Clan Experience: Yes Favorite Game Mode: Hardpoint Where Did You Hear About Us? : Best Time For A Tryout? : 7-12 pm Central. Anything Else You Want Us To Know: No
  4. my gun control is fine but thanks for asking!!
  5. I don't believe the death penalty is fine. I agree with Ward in a sense that part of our justice system needs reviewed. Some people rot in jail for years before they are finally declared innocent, and that is not okay.
  6. I have really been enjoying the MP40.
  7. i think the real question is... do you have enough faith in the current justice system to make the decision to put someone to death without condeming an innocent person? if i did have that much faith in the justice system i would definitly support the death penalty... as a it stands in its current state i do not... just my opinion
  8. For those that into PC gaming, What would your ideal system be and which platform would it be based on, AMD or INTEL?. Ideally, i would go with an intel platform, using the new X299 mobo and chipset. running a GT1080 GPU. 34" curved monitor, Corsair keyboard, nvme ssd. and g skill RAM. them basically just RGB the entire case and use some SP120 case fans and for cooling using an AIO water cooler for CPU, while running the GPU on air. a link to with the build i am looking to do.
  9. Currently loving. Feels nice getting those to shot kills with high caliber.Fg-42 - Grip, Reflex Sight, High Caliber, Extended MagMachine PistolInfantry DivisionPrimedFrag
  10. Airborne is alot of fun just wish subs were better overall to get the most out of the division.
  11. I own, "The Stick of Truth." I was unable to even finish the game. I think turn-based fighting style games like that are just not my style.
  12. I have an Amazon Alexa that I use frequently when playing games. If you hear music coming from my mic it's more than likely my Alexa. I also have a gaming PC & a Nintendo 3DS. I also really enjoy my iPhone 6. Not an Android dude.
  13. From the way I understand it, most of our gun violence comes from big cities with huge gun control laws. Most of those crimes occur with illegally obtained weapons. I don't think more gun control is our worry. It's Always Sunny does control best. However, I believe in the growth of medical spending for the mentally ill. As well as promoting African American communities, and helping them out of poverty. Frankly, that's a tough situation because the way to go about promoting people out of poverty is a controversial issue. In regards to that we need to have an FDR style New Deal. Where we give welfare to those willing to work on the U.S.'s crumbling infrastructure. I've talked to a lot of people where I have given a stance of libertarian views. My views are currently changing to a more left-of-center than anything else with my economic policies.
  14. I am hopeful that we do not go to war with Korea. Even though I despise Kim Jong-Un, and the crimes he and his forefathers have committed against the Korean people, I believe that war with Korea will end up with nothing good. I think that would lead to growing tensions with China, and the casualties would be enormous. There has to be a way to topple that regime without picking up a gun. Most of the North Korean citizens are brainwashed to hate America, and so even though their country treats them like dirt they hate America more. The citizens would fight, innocent brainwashed denizens, would fight the most advanced army the world has ever seen, and they would lose.
  15. I drive a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer. I think it's about to start giving out on me. If I am unable to keep this car running, I am looking to purchase a newer car. Does anyone have suggestions for a cheap yet reliable newer car? Thanks!
  16. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with Bachelor of Arts. I am about to go back to school to a smaller university to receive my teaching license. To be specific my license in Integrated Language Arts grades 7-12. Do you like to cook Justin? I remember you saying you wanted to open a restaurant, but never knew if you wanted to be a chef or front of house host.
  17. I'm way too competitive not to be playing ranked.
  18. NFL

    I root for the Browns and my Fantasy team.
  19. I think the woman has the right to choose. However, I believe that it's not the government's job to provide that for the individual. Independent organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, shouldn't receive government funding. If individuals feel the need to donate to these organizations that is fine by me. Now, on the Pro-Life side of myself. I believe that the government should be funding more into the Title 1 housing where single mothers and fathers can live there relatively cheap as well as government funded daycare (with slight taxes taken out for those who utilize that service) for adults to work during the day. Other programs as well to help out those mothers who cannot afford to take care of them on their own.
  20. For Thanksgiving i'm going home with the fam to cook, and bake. Then for Christmas I will also be home to bake cookies for 3 days beforehand, and experience their shitty internet.
  21. Currently a 2015 VW GTI. Love this car so fast and fun. I really miss my Jeep "Jackie"
  22. I cant be the only one hyped about ranked play. Who else is going to grind some ranked play?
  23. I am currently a Firefighter in the Air Force with a goal of continuing that field. One day I want to open a restaurant
  24. This game looks hilarious and hoping to buy it for sale around Christmas time. Has anyone played it? Feel free to post the funniest lines!
  25. NFL

    Easy peezy Dallas Cowboys aka Americas Team I cant stand Tom Brady Lastly, Joe Buck sucks Weiner
  26. Hello all, I have been looking at the PSVR for some time now and didn't know if it was worth to buy. Does anyone own the PSVR that would like to share if they like it or not or even make a review about it
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