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    Blitzkrieg has always been proud to offer top of the line resources for our members. We tryto make things as modern and advanced as possible to guarantee the quality of our clan. Unfortunately, these resources are often very expensive and require constant commitment from Blitzkrieg Staff. In order to ensure the continued offering of these resources, we rely heavily on donations from our members. Blitzkrieg has always been free to join, but those members that want to step up and give a little back to Blitzkrieg make a huge difference in this clan.


    Some of the expenses that this clan currently endures are

    -Custom website designs

    -Custom graphics and logos

    -Professionally developed applications and plugins for the website

    -Website hosting and servers

    -Website security certificates to ensure the safety of member information


    -Domain privacy

    -Speed enhancements for the website

    -Advertising and recruitment

    -Tournament entry fees

    -Prizes and giveaways

    -Blitzkrieg merchandise

    -Programming and design software

    ...and so much more!


    Most of these costs are recurring and we have monthly dues that we have pay. Just like any other organization or enterprise, we struggle to pay our current bills. Our average yearly cost totals more than $600. This impacts the amount of growth and development this clan can handle. Our goal is to continue to progress the clan and let it flourish.


    Members are never obligated to donate to the clan. But those that can spare a little extra money make a huge difference in the clan. A single member’s donation can help us meet one or more of the goals listed above. The more members that donate, the more things we can supply our members with.


    We have created a donation program for Blitzkrieg called “Donator Status.” Members that donate to the clan are given special rewards and perks in the clan that can only be obtained by donating. In the past, members have found that these extras are well worth the small donation. But even more important, members have found that the real satisfaction does not come from getting extra perks, but from giving back to the clan that they know and love. Their small contribution can play a huge role in the development of Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan.


    Some of the perks that members receive when they donate are

    -Gold '+' in front of username

    -Gold badge/ribbon outline on all posts

    -Unlimited name changes on the website

    -Ability to post HTML

    -Increase profile photo size from 50kb (150px) to 200kb (600px)

    -Ability to delete attachments that you post

    -Ability to edit your own posts silently (nobody will see that you have edited your post)

    -Ability to hide own posts

    -Ability to delete own posts

    -Ability to "bump" topics so that they reappear in other member’s new content feed

    -Exemption from activity audits

    -Free entry into paid tournaments

    -Free entry into Donator only raffles

    -Donator only forum

    -Ability to test new website features before everyone else

    -Opportunity to take place in Staff discussions and have a bigger say in what happens in Blitzkrieg!


    We are always adding more benefits to our donators and we are always looking for ways to give back to the most generous members of the clan.


    In order to sustain the Donator Status program, we have created a subscription program to make it easier for members to continue their contributions to the clan. We require a $5 minimum donation in order to cover the transaction costs. That $5 donation buys members the Donator Status for 30 days. After that 30 days, their will revert back to their original status in the group and no longer be privileged with the Donator perks. To encourage continuous donations, we have implemented a rewards program.


    -For every $5 that a member donates, they receive 30 days. For example, if a member donates $10 they receive 60 days.

    -If a member donates $20 at a single time, they get one month free.

    -Members that donate $50 at a single time will receive a one year donator status.

    -Members that donate $100 or more at a single time will receive a “Lifetime Donor” status and will continue to receive donator perks for as long as they are a member of Blitzkrieg.


    Those that are interested in donating, please contact us at bzkclan@bzkclan.com.


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