What's up BZK followers? 
I thought it would be nice to give everyone a quick update on the changes in the clan. To start with, all the minor issues have been resolved with the website. One of the biggest issues we were having was with the mobile theme. That is fixed and hopefully everyone has easy access to homepage now. As always, if anyone experiences any issues, please contact us and we will get these things resolved. 
Moving forward, recruitment is underway. We are recruiting on Black Ops III and beginning preparations for the release of Infinite Warfare and COD4 Remastered. We are keeping our old recruitment traditions alive and trying out a few new avenues at the same time. However, this is no substitute for old fashion referrals. If you or someone you know needs a clan, send them our way. Of course there is no guaranteed membership, but isn't it worth trying out for the best gaming clan on the PlayStation 4? I thought so. 
Lastly, we are looking at some new things for the clan that we think everyone is going to like quite a bit. We recently got the departmental budgets set for the remainder of the year. We are hoping this this new method of financing will give every area of the clan the tools they need to do what they love....GAME! Recruitment is going full force. And with the sudden eruption of new members, we are really boosting activities up. Before the end of this game, we want to get some fun stuff going. And when the new game released, you can bet that our activity directors will keep the hustle going and provide everyone with new and exciting games. And in the meantime, be sure to keep your eye out for the official Blitzkrieg Gaming Shop. We aren't releasing much information on this yet, but you can bet that we are going to have some awesome BZK gear up for grabs soon. 
So remember, come in and check us out. Get your applications in and start spreading the word. BZK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
With the changes in our clan underway, we have moved all members to the rank of Recruit. This rank is not technically considered a member of the clan. This rank is reserved for those that are going through the application process. 
For those of you that are wanting to rejoin the clan and once again be considered one of the elite, we will be temporarily opening our doors. Anyone that currently holds a website account or used to be a member of the clan can rejoin and instantly be promoted. All you have to do is login to the website, post an application, and we will verify your membership. Once verified, you will automatically be promoted to the rank of Corporal. This is our veteran rank and is reserved for members that have proven a longstanding allegiance to Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. 
So now is your chance to get in on something rare. Verify your membership and earn the respect that you deserve. 
Thank you to everyone that has stuck by us over the years. This clan was founded on shaky ground and turbulence. And unfortunately, the life of this clan has continued to experience a similar pattern of chaos and discontent. However, there still remains that loyal membership base that refuses to accept defeat. Those of us that have grown up in this clan and seen it change over the years have an unparalleled interest in seeing it succeed. It is unfortunate that this clan has died and come back to life more times than I can count. Those of us that have experienced these downfalls and resurrections have become experts at reviving the clan. It has become, almost, an form of art for us. We have done it so many times that we know exactly what we have to do and where to go to achieve the potential this clan is capable of embodying. 
As a brief note, I want to touch on the recent history of this. Although the clan was founded back in 2010, and has experienced many historic events, the most recent issues came about after we actually shut the clan down and started up again. After numerous issues within the membership of the clan, and a lack of resources to keep it going, we unanimously agreed to shut the clan down and save some dignity in the Blitzkrieg name. After a lengthy break, a few of us got back together and decided to we wanted to try again. And we took off like a fucking rocket ship. We bounced back like I've never seen before. Unfortunately, life events prevented many of us from being able to complete the day-to-day tasks this clan requires. So we sought the help of our regular members and offered leadership positions in the hopes of cutting down on each individual's job requirements. Sadly, many of the positions that we handed out failed to accomplish the tasks required to succeed. Over the course of time, the clan slowly slipped back into a type of hibernation with no formal direction. Recently, a few of us got back together and decided to build it back up again. Over the 6 years that this clan has been alive, we have been fighting. It has been a rough and rocky road. But each time this happens, we have learned some important lessons. And I can honestly say, this clan has never made the same mistake twice. I am sure that we will continue to have issues in the future. We may even die again. But this clan always finds a way to rise from the ashes and come back bigger and stronger than the last time. And no matter what they say about "the bigger they are the harder they fall", I still believe that this clan has a special dynamic to it that keeps us alive and prospering. This current revival will be no different. 
At this time we are working on various things to revive the clan. Naturally, there is a sizeable amount of work involved in a revival process. Much of it requires patience and even a little luck. But nonetheless, we know what we are doing and where we are going. I have included a little bit of a checklist below of things that need to be accomplished. These aren't goals, but rather tasks that need to be completed before we can reach out goals. And we are jumping right into this and moving full speed ahead. All we ask is that our past, present, and future members have the patience to wait for us to fix the mess that we have created. I personally assure all new members coming in and reading this that if you give us just a little bit of time, you will see how great this place is and where we are going. And if anyone is willing to help out, even give us 1 hour a week, we have a job for you that will help this clan immensely. Thank you to everyone who has been a member of this clan in the past. You guys have molded this clan and made it something special. Even if you aren't here anymore, thank you for what you have given us. I have been with this clan since I was a child. And I plan to be here until the day I die. I will always be a Blitzkriegian. 
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Congratulations to Alex! He has taken and passed the Sergeant's Exam. The Administration was very happy with his exam results. Based on his previous history as an Administrator of the clan, we know that he will be an invaluable asset to the leadership of this clan. 
He has chosen to take on the role of Line Inspector for the clan. This is the number cruncher and organizer of the clan. It takes some serious planning and strategy to fulfill the duties of Line Inspector. But even more important, they keep this clan going. Without them, we are a disorganized mess. 
Everyone please take a moment to congratulate Alex for his accomplishment. I am sure this is just the beginning of his rise in the Blitzkrieg. 

Congratulations to Froyo! He has taken and passed the Sergeant's Exam. The Administration was very happy with his exam results. 
He has chosen to take on the role of FTO/Tryout Coordinator for the clan. This is a very important job in Blitzkrieg and can easily be one of the most time consuming. He will have his work cutout for him but I am sure that he is more than willing to accept the challenge and will succeed at it. He will report to Onehandedtryhard as his direct supervisor. Together, I am sure the two of them will do wonders for the tryout and FTO programs of this clan. 
Everyone please take a moment to congratulate Froyo445 for his accomplishment. I am sure this is just the beginning of his rise in the Blitzkrieg. 

Blitzkrieg Gaming is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.