Longtime member Onehandedtryhard suggested that I write an article about the importance of Top 100 Clans. This is an area of the clan that is often overlooked and many do not understand. It is my hope that this article will shed light on the necessity of this service. 
Real quick, Top 100 Clans is a website that caters to gaming clans. It focuses on clans for every game, every console, and every country. The goal of Top 100 clans is simple. Clans create a banner, write a short summary, and post Top 100 buttons on their website. Then, members of each clan click those buttons and vote for which clan they like the best. Needless to say, members should vote for their personal clan. Then, Top 100 ranks each clan in order of votes. The more votes you get, the higher ranked you are. Every month the stats are reset and clans have to start over again. 
As everyone might have guessed, the whole point of this is recruitment. If you make a quick internet search for gaming clans, you will see that Top 100 Clans is always one of the first five results that come up depending on your search engine and search criteria. It is quite simply one of the longest running and most popular recruitment websites for video games, especially Call of Duty. Now if you are unfamiliar with recruitment, let me enlighten you. Recruitment is only the most important aspect of the clan. Without recruitment, we don't have members. We can live without activities, competition, websites, ect. We cannot keep the clan alive without recruitment. The recruiters here at BZK have taken this concept to heart and refined recruitment into a science. 
With all that said, we have a small issue. Throughout our history, we have always had a hard time getting members to vote. I have yet to figure out why. It literally takes a couple of seconds. Nonetheless, hopefully I can talk you guys into voting and help you understand the importance. Throughout the website, you will see a little button like the one pictured below. 

If you simply click that button anywhere on the website, you will be taken to a different website. That website will ask you to check a box to confirm you are not a robot. And then you click the green button that says "Vote." That's it. You are done! You gave us a vote and we are one step closer to the top. The more votes we get, the higher ranked we are. The higher ranked we are, the better chance we have of other potential recruits seeing our banner and joining. There was a point in time when nearly 90% of all our new applications came from the Top 100 website. It is imperative that we keep that endurance going. 
Now, please keep in mind, this is every day. You can vote once a day per internet connection. This means, every day you wake up, or go to bed, or have lunch, just logon to the website, check out the latest happenings at, and VOTE!!!! And you if you really want to be a go-getter, get your friends and family to vote for us as well. You don't have to be a member of the clan. If your wife has a cell phone, have her logon really quick and vote for us. Every vote counts. And every member counts!
I hope this helped you all understand the importance of Top 100. If you take nothing else away from this, please VOTE!

Turtle Beach Stealth 500p

By Nick, in Technology,

I thought I would do a simple review of my newest headset for those of you in the market for a good setup at an affordable cost. 
By way of background, I just recently got my new PS4. So I am new to the changes between the PS3 and PS4 consoles. Upon opening my new PlayStation, I soon realized that the PS4 no longer supports third-party headsets. At the very least, they have made it more difficult to use them. Originally I had the Turtle Beach PX5 (I know, way outdated). Either way, I started searching for ways to use my old beloved headsets on the PS4. Short of trying all these different workarounds, I figured it was time to invest in a new pair. 
I talked with our member Onehandedtryhard and he recommended a few different pairs. One of the premium headsets he suggested was made by Astros. I am a Turtle Beach fanboy. I have been since the beginning. I've heard all the negative stories about them but I do not stand by many of those statements. The sound quality of the headsets is just as good as any other premium brand, but quite a bit cheaper. The only consistent downside to the Turtle Beach brand is the fact that they feel somewhat flimsy and often break easily. Thankfully, I have always taken care of my headsets and never had any accidents. I blew the speakers out of my old PX2 headsets, but never had a problem since. Onehandedtryhard also recommended HyperX Cloud II headsets at $93.57 on Our longtime member xPoliceBrutality owns this pair and has enjoyed them. So I purchased this pair to give it a try (REVIEW COMING SOON). 
In the meantime, I wanted to give Turtle Beach another go. Besides, it never hurts to have multiple headsets. After searching and searching I found numerous pairs from TB. Unfortunately, they pushed their most premium headsets to the max. But at nearly $300, I could not justify the purchase. Especially since I love wireless. They are sometimes unreliable and have their faults, but I like the mobility of wireless. Finally I found the Turtle Beach Stealth 500p at $99.93 on 
-Detachable Microphone
-Long battery life
-Button interface right on the headset
-Strong sound quality for good price
-Excellent chat quality for good price
-Feels flimsy
-The fit will do a number on the sides of your head after long gaming sessions
-Short cables
-One color choice
-Requires two USB ports for use and charging
-Sound quality is inconsistent and hard to pinpoint location of sounds
-No chat boost feature
Right out of the package these are easy to setup. It comes with a USB stick that plugs right into the PS4's USB port. An optical cable runs from the USB stick right to the optical outlet on the back of the PS4. Turn the headset on and the PS4 already has all the settings synced up. If you want to fine-tune them a bit, completely your choice. The headsets came fully charged but I plugged the included USB cable into the PS4's port just to make sure it didn't die on me during my first few games. The cable is pretty short. But you can also use the PS4's controller cable to charge these headsets. So I am sure you can find longer cables for fairly cheap online. I do not like that these headsets requires you to plug in the receiver to the USB port and then requires another USB port to charge. I don't see why TB couldn't have added an external USB port on the receiver for charging. 
I jumped into my first game. Right off the bat I realized these headsets are a little flimsy. I already mentioned TB's reputation but these seemed a little lower quality than some of their previous designs. We will see in time how the hold up. Regardless of the design, I found that the sound was quite different than my PX5. It wasn't quite as good to be honest, but compared to many headsets out there, they are definitely a premium sound system. The microphone also seems to be very decent considering all the factors involved. 
Throughout my play time, I had numerous issues trying to adjust volume and settings. I was used to a chatboost feature that always increased the volume of chat members when the game sound got louder. So while I was dodging gun fire and explosions, I had some issues hearing other players. Naturally I go to increase the volume of the chat. It is convenient having all the controls on the side of the headset. However, I did find it difficult to locate the proper controls at times. I'm assuming this just takes some getting used to and I already see myself getting better. But for me, I wish the controls were near the back of the ear cuff. It would be easier for thumb-dominate people like myself to adjust the controls. 
Considering Turtle Beach prides themselves on being a competition headset, I decided to put them to the test in some Call of Duty Black Ops III Search and Destroy. I increased the game volume and camped out near the back of one of the maps. I heard nearly everything that was happening 3/4 of the way through the map. I was very impressed with that. However, it was difficult, even up close, to pin point which direction these sounds were coming from. It seems like all the noises come from either the right or left ear. And the headsets do little to pin point anything else. I could have an enemy player behind me and slightly to the right. I would clearly hear that they are to the right but couldn't tell if they were behind me, in front of me, or above me. Nonetheless, for a mid-grade setup, I cannot complain too much. 
After about 3 hours of straight gaming, I felt that these were squeezing the side of my head. They need to be morphed to my extra wide head, but I still feel like these should have more flexibility than some basic plastic headbands. After I took the headsets off, I realized my ears were a bit red and a little sweaty. The ear cushions are made out of a fake leather material with some mesh cushioning on the inside. The mesh is fantastic and is good on my ears. But that leather trimming really does a number after long gaming sessions. Other than the material, the shape cups your ears perfectly and drowns out a lot of external sounds. 
I know it sounds petty, but I wish there were more color options. The PlayStation version Stealth 500p comes in black and blue. This is probably the color I would have chosen regardless but it would have been nice to have other options. The Xbox version Stealth 500x comes in black and green. 
Overall, these headsets are good. If you are looking for an above average wireless headset for a good price, these are definitely my choice. If you want something more premium, you might wan to keep shopping around. And if you are all about comfort, a professional headset might not be your best choice. I give these headsets an overall 3.5/5 stars. The Turtle Beach Stealth 500p gaming headsets definitely have some big set backs, but the pros definitely outweigh many of the cons in my opinion. 

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you all have any questions about these headsets or suggestions for other reviews.  

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