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    Thank you for your interest in joining Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. We are currently accepting applications for Call of Duty Black OPs III on the PlayStation 4 console. In order to join, you must meet certain requirements. This is to guarantee that we only have the best and most qualified members in Blitzkrieg. Please follow the steps below to join. 


    1. You must first register on our website. We use our website for most communication and you need to register in order to make sure you get all the updates from us. Click HERE to fill out the registration form. Once you submit your registration, please make sure that you confirm your email address. Check your spam folder if you do not receive an email. 


    2. Once you are registered on our website, we require you to fill out an application to join. This makes sure that you meet the minimum qualifications to join Blitzkrieg. Click HERE to fill out the application. 


    3. Once you have submitted your application, it will be posted as a forum topic HERE. Please find your application and keep checking it it for updates. Once we receive your application a Tryout Coordinator will review it and give you further instructions. 


    4. Once your application is reviewed by a Tryout Coordinator, he/she will give you a list of Tryout Coordinators to add as friends on the PlayStation Network (PSN). Please add those members and wait for one of them to contact you for a tryout. Usually they will contact you the next time you login to PSN. If we have trouble contacting you on PSN we will update your application and request to schedule a date and time for your tryout. 


    5. You will be required to complete a tryout. This consists of you playing with one or more of our members to ensure that you are of the necessary skill level to join Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. We want to make sure that we accept skilled players for our clan. On average, you will only have to play about 3 game modes with the Tryout Coordinator. He/she will then post an overall score on your application and tell you if you passed. 


    6. Once you pass your tryout, we will update your application with more information. Please be advised that once you pass your application you will be placed on "Probation" and will be required to be an active member for at least two weeks, and make a minimum of 20 posts on our website forum. Once you complete this you will be a full member of Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan. 


    Be advised that as a full member of Blitzkrieg you will be required to make 15 posts on our website every three months and/or complete 15 hours of gaming with the clan every three months. This ensures that all of our members stay active in the clan. If you have any questions regarding your application, member requirements, or experience any technical difficulties, please contact your Tryout Coordinator or Contact Us by clicking HERE


    Thank you again for your interest in Blitzkrieg. We look forward to meeting you and hope to see you in game.